Maxillofacial Imaging

Dr. Lamb is proud to offer some of the most advanced oral and maxillofacial imaging options available in our own office. Featuring cone beam computed tomography scanning technology and digital radiography, we offer a full range of oral and maxillofacial imaging.

Cone beam CT scans can provide extremely accurate and detailed images of your face and head that can be particularly useful for the planning and performance of procedures ranging from the treatment of oral pathologic conditions to the placement of dental implants. Having this powerful imaging tool in our office allows us to get faster results which also saves you the time of having to go to an outpatient radiological facility.

Benefits of digital radiography include reduced exposure to radiation, enhanced patient education and better communication with referring doctors. While normal dental x-rays are very safe, digital radiography uses only a fraction of the radiation dose compared to normal x-rays. Using digital x-rays, the doctor can easily show and manipulate the images for the patients so that they can better understand the procedures being performed. This is also a benefit for referring doctors since the images can be quickly shared to facilitate intra-office communication and cooperation.