When can I start brushing my teeth?

Please wait until the day following your surgery to brush your teeth.  You must also be cautious when brushing near the surgical site and avoid contact of the brush with the gum tissue.

How long until I can work out or do strenuous work?

We generally recommend you wait anywhere from 3 – 5 days or as instructed by Dr. Lamb.

When can I start eating more solid food?

You should drink plenty of fluids and eat soft solid food for the first few days following surgery.  Typically after about three days you can begin to transition to more solid foods.

When do I start using the mouthwash you gave me?

Start using the mouthwash the morning following your surgical procedure.

When should I take the pain medication?

As soon as you begin to feel the local anesthesia wear off you can begin to take the pain medicine.  This is usually, within 1-2 hours following the procedure.

How do I know if I have a dry socket?

A dry socket can occur anywhere from two to seven days after a tooth is removed, although it usually develops around four to five days postoperatively.  When a dry socket occurs pain in the area increases rapidly and it is not alleviated by pain medication.  The pain can radiate to other parts of the jaw or the ear.  One will also frequently experience a foul odor and occasional drainage from the wound.

How long does it usually take for the area to heal and the holes to close up?

It usually takes about three to four weeks for the gum tissue to heal and fill in the space.  The jawbone can take up to six months to completely heal.

When should I start using the irrigation syringe?

You should wait one week before using the syringe, unless otherwise directed.

How do I take care of my implant?

Soft diet for the first few days. Use peridex for one week, three times a day. Do not chew on the side of your mouth until directed by Dr. Lamb. Do not smoke, continue cleaning other teeth.